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Opportunity for Everyone to Reach Their Full Potential

Thank you for your interest in my campaign for District 33 Maryland State Delegate.

We are so fortunate to live in Maryland and in an area where people care deeply about the future of their families, neighbors and our community.  By bringing people together to exchange ideas, I know that we will find fiscally responsible and effective solutions to many of the challenges facing our community.

Some of the immediate challenges include:

- Strengthening the public education system to create critical thinkers, innovators and problem solvers, ensuring our young people develop the skills for the jobs of the future.

- Restoring and protecting the environment and using clean energy at every opportunity – our health and future generations depend on it.

- Reining in uncontrolled and haphazard development by evaluating infrastructure feasibility and the benefits to the community.

- Designing transportation solutions that go beyond congested roads to create safe and effective systems, including convenient and cost-effective mass transit options.

- Ensuring access to affordable and excellent healthcare for everyone - all members of our society are valued and are entitled to this basic right.

 - Removing barriers to achievement such as hunger, homelessness, and lack of access to technology, so all people can reach their full potential. 

 - Providing a framework that includes women’s healthcare, reliable child-care, and fair wages, where all women can achieve economic stability.

 - Supporting local business by providing a healthy, skilled work-force and an attractive community where their employees can raise families, educate children, and enjoy leisure activities in a safe environment.

- Restoring transparency and ethics to politics and government.

I look forward to talking with you about your concerns, as well as your thoughts and ideas on how we can continue to move Maryland and District 33 forward. Maryland is truly a land of plenty and we must always seek opportunity, health, prosperity and justice for ourselves and our neighbors.




Committee to Elect Tracie Hovermale, Dawn Stein Treasurer
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